Who We Are

We bring you the future you were always promised.

Meet Paul

Paul Fleck is the Founder & CEO of Dataspeed Inc. Through hard work and determination, Fleck created a company devoted to developing a safe, flexible, and reliable technology. Dataspeed is transforming the car and manufacturing industries through the development of driverless vehicles and mobile robots.

With over 30 years of technological and engineering experience, Fleck has grown Dataspeed Inc. with his strategic objectives and insights. Fleck built a world-class team of hardware, software, algorithm and mechanical engineers who are passionate about robotics. Paul Fleck and his team are drivers of innovation, changing the way the world sees mobility.

Two Divisions. One Vision.

Mobile Robotics

Dataspeed is revolutionizing the production line. By creating robots that move safely around workers, move from station to station, and perform many useful tasks, Dataspeed is changing the way the manufacturing industry currently runs. Incorporating Dataspeed’s complete robotics systems will create a flexible, safer, and more efficient factory.


Driverless Cars

Henry Ford completely changed the world of transportation. Dataspeed is doing it again. Dataspeed’s ADAS Kit forms the base for a driverless development vehicle. This technology allows car companies, automotive suppliers, and universities to create their own driverless car solutions and save time in the development process. The result? Safer cars, more lives saved, and a better driving experience. The future you were always promised.



Safer driving. For Mary’s sake.

Nearly 1.3 million people lose their lives in car accidents each year. That’s over 3,200 families and friends per day that must experience the pain of losing a loved one in a car accident.

In 2000, Dataspeed’s founder and President, Paul Fleck, lost his cousin Mary in a horrific car accident. Mary’s life was taken too soon when she was struck by another vehicle. Fleck has since devoted his career to preventing future tragedies.

“Our products and services are created to bring driverless cars into the world as soon as possible. Dataspeed’s mission is to keep your loved ones safe and prevent tragedies. Like Mary’s.” –Paul Fleck, Founder.

With the new ADAS Kit, Dataspeed has brought cars one step closer to better driving and a safer future.

Everyone uses our kits.


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