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Mobility Base

Dataspeed is proud to introduce the Collaborative Robot Mobility Base! This add-on enables different kinds of collaborative robots to travel anywhere. A Mecanum wheel system gives our mobility base the ability to move forward, backward, or sideways while independently controlling its rotation. The robot is able to travel on many flat surfaces like carpet, tile, cement and asphalt. The compact base (31” by 32”) enables robots to travel through office hallways and doorways.

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Our ADAS Kit is a complete hardware and software solution that allows seamless control of throttle, brake, steering, and shifting. It also allows you to control the sensors and computers while accessing data on vehicle networks.

Speed up your ADAS development by updating a Lincoln MKZ, Ford Fusion, or Mondeo with the electronics needed for rapid innovation! Dataspeed installs the drive-by-wire hardware, Power Distribution System (PDS), and vehicle network interfaces to get you up and running quickly.

Whether you are working on developing a single sensor, an algorithm or an entire driverless vehicle system, the ADAS Kit saves time.

Companies are able to accomplish much more with this additional time.

Product Specs


Power Distribution System (PDS)

The Power Distribution System (PDS) is a flexible and easy-to-use solution to powering the subsystems of a test vehicle. The PDS supports 12 independent DC relay channels that can each draw a continuous 15 amps. It can also switch an external power inverter for AC loads. Channels can be turned on and off using a physical push button switchboard, a customizable touch screen interface, or by an Android app via Bluetooth. Automatic startup and shutdown sequences can also be programmed. If more independent channels are needed, two PDS devices can be connected for 24 total DC channels.

The onboard computer continuously monitors each channel, reporting its electrical current and health status. Diagnostic software also checks for open and short circuit conditions. Action is taken to protect the channel if a fault occurs. To supply controlled power, all that is needed is a car battery and ignition line. A power startup or shutdown sequence can be easily programmed. A mechanical power on/off switch is no longer required, as the PDS does this electronically.

Product Specs

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