Can the ADAS Kit be used with any other vehicle?

Currently, our ADAS Kit is only compatible with the Lincoln MKZ, Ford Fusion, or Ford Mondeo. The Vehicle must be a 2013 model or later, must be a hybrid, and must have Active Park Assist (APA).

How can I tell if the system is enabled/disabled?

The front and rear park assist warnings are activated when the driver takes control of the vehicle. This is both an audible chime and visual indication. At this time, there is no indication that the system is functioning/enabled/disabled.

What is the command delay?

Command messages are forwarded to the vehicle as soon as they are received to minimize delay. The vehicle’s response time is the same as a physical pedal process.

I’ve seen this product somewhere else through a company called AutonomouStuff?

AutonomouStuff is our distributor for the United States and China. We do not offer competitive pricing to AutonomouStuff.

Is the ADAS Kit Street Legal?

The ADAS Kit is designed to be safe and reliable, but we do not guarantee compliance with any local laws.

I’m having a problem with my ADAS Kit, how do I troubleshoot it?

Check out this FAQ with technical answers, there is a troubleshooting section towards the bottom of the document.

How much is the ADAS Kit?

For pricing or to request a quote, please contact Sales at 248.879.0528

Click here for a more technical FAQ.

If you are still having issues or your question remains unanswered, please contact support at:

(248) 879-0528


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