Dataspeed Inc. is a team of dedicated engineers and technicians who excel at developing products that require customized embedded electronics development. We have a team of engineers trained in the disciplines required to perform this type of development with backgrounds in electronic hardware, software, firmware, algorithm, mechanical, modeling, simulation and manufacturing.
We can take your concept and create a hardware and software design that is reliable, production ready and cost-effective to produce in high-volumes. We excel at product development which requires multiple disciplines all collaborating to optimize your design. Once we create your custom design we will take care of getting it produced and shipped to you…
We have a team of engineers and support personnel who are dedicated to doing the best work possible. We achieve this by firmly understanding your needs, then working up a design solution that meets these needs as well as achieving your financial and program timing goals. The majority of the design and prototyping work is performed in-house. If we don’t have the in-house expertise, then we use one of our strategic suppliers. Dataspeed also works closely with Oakland University, located just north of here, and has access to the personnel and labs at this quality research institution
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